Balaland Residence Apartmanhotel Szántód - Bemutatkozás

Rules of the house

  1. HOUSE RULES regarding garden and lake side area of BalaLand Residence
    1.   The BalaLand garden and the beach of the apartment hotel Balaton can only be used by our entitled Guests according to their entitlement. The apartment hotel reserves the right to charge the unauthorised user the respective entrance fee in case of unauthorised use, otherwise the apartment hotel may expel the unauthorised user from the area.
    2.     Wearing swimming dress is a must in the entire territory.
    3.     For valuables left unattended the Hotel doesn’t assume liability.
    4.     The entire garden and coast of Balaton is a non-smoking area. That is why smoking is allowed only in designated places. In the case of non-compliance with this rule, the responsibility lies with the offender.
    5.     Everybody may use the garden and the coast of Balaton on his own responsibility.
    6.     The Hotel doesn’t assume any liability for accidents stemming from improper behaviour.
    7.     Everybody may swim in Balaton at his own responsibility.
    8.     It is forbidden to stay in water in case of storm warning.
    9.     It is forbidden to stay on the coast or in the garden in case of other written prohibition (e.g. ice).
    10.     It is forbidden to pollute the water and garden with chemicals or any other way.
    11.     Animals are not allowed on the Beach.
    12.     It is strictly prohibited to set a fire in the entire area of the garden and coast.
    13.     Fishing is prohibited on the entire coast.
    14.     Night bathing is not allowed.
    15.     As for the entire premise it is forbidden to bring the following items:
      • Watercrafts (except inflatable beach mattress and boat)
      • Camping equipment (tent, grill, other equipments used for cooking, sharp sticking devices, gas-holder, grill fittings, mobile toilette, camping chair, garden heat radiator, fans, sleeping bag)
      • Jumpy castle, trampoline
      • Other structures

16. In the entire area of the garden and the coast of Balaton, only those food and beverages can be consumed

17.   It is strictly forbidden to bring in and/or store (for example: in carrier bags or coolers) or consume any food or drink taken from any outside area (for example from any catering establishment not belonging to the Hotel).

18.   We request our guests not to disturb others using the garden and the coast. Such behaviour is not allowed.


2.1 We are glad to serve you in the Mangoo Beach Bar of the Hotel (for a fee), and Room Service is at your disposal from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m. You will find more detailed information regarding Room Service in the General Information Chapter

2.2 Smoking is not allowed in the Hotel or any of its units. For our smoking Guests, smoking is allowed only in certain designated areas. If you have any particular requests, please talk to the officials of the Hotel or the crew of Reception.

2.3 We request our Guests to pay special attention to their children in the Mangoo Beach Bar, assuring peaceful meals for everybody

2.4 The Hotel assumes no responsibility for any objects left unattended by our guests in the bar of the Hotel

3. The Hotel

3.1 In the Hotel car park, only the designated parking space may be used, otherwise the Hotel shall be entitled to have the vehicle removed.

3.2 On the parking lot of the Hotel the maximum permitted speed is 15 km/h.

3.3 We ask you to observe 10 am. checkout time on the day of departure.

3.4 Late checkout is available according to the capacity.

3.5 Children shall only ride rollers, bikes, skateboards and roller skates on the designated roads. (It is forbidden on the parking lot, in walk ways used by the guests and the inner area of the Hotel)

3.6 Please, place the garbage into the designated garbage can.

3.7 Please, use the interior of the Hotel as it is intended. For children, we recommend the use of the play ground that can be found in the park.

3.8 For esthetical reasons, it is not allowed to lay, hang or dry clothing or towels on the balcony or rails of the Hotel. 

3.8 We request our guests, in favour of their fellow guests, to use audio-visual devices in their rooms on a pro

3.9 We only assume liability for valuables that are received for storage.

BalaLand Residence is entitled to pass any damage and its expenses, arising from not keeping the Rules of the House and regulations in force, on the person who has caused the damage. Any breach of the rules entails liability and, in some cases, sanctions. The compensation of the damage shall take place according to the current compensation list of the Hotel.

BalaLand Residence is entitled to organize private special events in the compound or any of its parts with exclusion of the general guest public and retrench its services

In case of force majeure, BalaLand Residence shall not be liable.